Black and white photograph showing the Ellerbock family and friends in the back yard of the Ellerbock home in Ringwood East, 1956. The family remembers that at this time Ringwood East was still largely rural. This photograph was taken on a Sunday afternoon, when the family was working on the garden, house and sheds. John Ellerbock is holding a rake in the garden which he has recently edged.

Ringwood East wasn't on mains water at this time, and the rain water tank which provided the Ellerbock's water is visible at left. The open paddocks show how rural the area still was at that time. The Ellerbock family immigrated from Upper Austria to Australia in 1955. A house can be seen in the background, which was the home where the family stayed from July 1955 to May 1956 when they first arrived in Australia. This house was arranged by their immigration sponsors. Mr Ellerbock was naturalised in 1961.

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Man in swimming shorts and no shirt with a rake, standing in front of five children and two women, in a garden. A water tank is behind them. At left is the corner of a house witih the steps and verandah, and at right is the corner of a shed.

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Digital image file. A digital photograph was taken of the original black and white print.

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