Black and white photograph showing the Ellerbock family sharing chocolate Easter eggs outside their house in Ringwood East on Easter Sunday, 1963 - 1964. The children saved their pocket money to buy their parents the heart shaped box with a pair of eggs inside it.

When the Ellerbock family first immigrated to Australia from Upper Austria in 1955, they decorated hard boiled eggs and played 'Eierbecken', a game where the players hit each other's boiled eggs, trying to see which egg was stronger, as in image MM111044. Ten years later, chocolate Easter eggs replaced the boiled eggs of the earlier years.

The Ellerbock family were sponsored to immigrate to Australia, and their sponsors arranged for them to have temporary accommodation in Ringwood East from July 1955 to May 1956. They then settled in the area, and Mr Ellerbock was naturalised in 1961.

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Husband and wife standing outside a house holding a heart shaped box of chocolate eggs. Standing beside them are three girls and a boy. The girl at far right holds a basket of eggs, the girl to her left holds books, and the boy also holds a book, featuring Bible stories.

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Digital image file. A digital photograph was taken of the original black and white print.

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