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Girl in pale coat, standing outside entrance of Feeney's Corner Store. The words 'General Store' are above her head. This photograph shows Ineen Feeney outside her father's mixed business, Feeney's Corner Store, in West Brunswick, circa 1937. The store was on the corner of Pearson & Albert Street. It was a mixed business, mainly selling groceries. The family remembers that the owner Jas Feeney 'used to buy butter in bulk and cut it himself on a marble bench behind the desk. The shop had a cellar where he kept his stores. The shop was connected to the family house which was a big Federation house on a double block. He had the shop built himself and ran it from 1908 until he retired in 1950. Jas Feeney was born near Bright, his parents were Irish migrants.' The photograph was taken by a street photographer. 'He used to come in regularly and ask if they wanted their photograph taken. Often they'd say no, but in this case they said yes and he turned up a week later with the photographs mounted on card. The shop is still there, an empty shell used by artists as a painting space.'

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