Advertisement published in 'The Aero Manual', 1909. From Harold P. Wood Model Aircraft Collection.


'E.N.V. AVIATION MOTORS' 'Two types, 80 h.p. and 40 h.p. both 8 cylinders, £400 and £320 respectively.' 'Write for a copy of the O'Gorman report of Test and further particulars.' 'Sole Concessionnaires: Warwick Wright , Limited. 110, High Street, Marylebone, LONDON, W.' Additional Text Reads: "When men in the know adopt a thing, they do so with good reason. For instance, many of the most successful aviators are using the E.N.V. aviation engine. M. Bleriot, the famous French aviator, uses it. Mr. S.F. Cody, holder of the world's record cross-country flight, uses it. Why? For the obvious reason that there isn't a better. The design and construction of the E.N.V. enale weight to be greatly economised without the least sacrifice of efficiency. The power which the engine develops is surprising."

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