Poems and writings by Rhonda Abotomey. They reflect the deeply personal experience of her journey following her loss of family members in the February 2009 bushfires.

The collection of poems include: Outcome, The First Month, Keeping It Flowing, Splinters, More Than Ever Now, Gift of Hope, Pain And Compassion, All In A Row, Lounge, Rubble, The Look, The Hunters, Wee Ones, Fires Within, Paradox of Loss, Black Saturday 2009. The writings include: Chaos, A Reflection about the 'Bush to Beach' Retreat, Women of the Fires, 11 Monster Months. The folder also contains a copy of the Seeds of Compassion (S.O.C.) Day postcard and an accompanying statement of its meaning. Some of the poems were edited by Laura Brearley.

This forms part of the Victorian Bushfires Collection, which also includes a collection of postcards created by Rhonda Abotomey and oral and video interviews.

Physical Description

Coloured A4 page, black print.


Creative writing is an important tool in the process of recovery and healing. These poems and writings were written by Rhonda Abotomey, a member of the bushfire bereaved community, to 'connect, soothe and nurture'. They are evocative vistas into the many challenges and insights experienced by Rhonda during her journey as a bushfire bereaved person - anxiety and then the devastation of her loss, chaos, exhaustion, isolation in grief, hope, friends and family, the funeral preparation and farewell, Grocon cleanup, sharing the pain, despair, anger, frustration, resilience, children, collateral damage, exponential suffering, love, connection, survival, officials, soul food, power of compassion.

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