Black & white photograph of a commemorative plaque taken circa 1980. The plaque is mounted on a four-metre high pillar of stone quarried from the Mount Difficult quarry near Stawell, Victoria, and commemorates the efforts by Victorian politician and Exhibition trustees, the Hon. John Woods MP, to have the Victorian Parliament House built from locally quarried stone, rather than imported stone from New South Wales. The plaque was presented by the Exhibition Trustees on th 9 August 1979, and subsequently fixed to Woods' stone pillar.

This is one of 959 photographs (or images) of the Exhibition Building collated by the Exhibition Trustees as a 10 volume pictorial history of the Exhibition Building spanning the years 1880 to 1985. The pictorial history was instigated by the centenary of the Exhibition Building in 1980 and forms part of a larger Royal Exhibition Building collection of documents, photographs, objects and research files.

Physical Description

A black & white silver gelatin print on a page of a photograph album. The image depicts the plaque afixed to the stone pillar erected by the Hon. John Woods MP in 1880 to protest the use of imported NSW stone, rather than local material, in the construction of the Victorian Parliament buildings. The plaque was presented by the Exhibition Trustees in August 1979 to commemorate Woods protest. There is no caption below the photograph.

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