Colour photograph of Trustees Director Mr John Charles Elden and Trustees Executive Assistant JC Challis in front of display glass containing the Goldsmiths Sotheby Award, presented to the Royal Exhibition Buildings on the 28 October 1980 in recognition of the role the Buildings played in 'service and encouragement of arts in the industrial and commercial world over the past 100 years'. Elden holds the His Royal Highness Prince William Tankard while Challis holds the Royal Australian Air Force Diamond Jubilee Tankard. Also displayed in the cabinet alongside the Goldsmiths Sotheby Award are the His Royal Highness Prince William Plate, Squadron Leader Elden's mess tankard and the Dexter Club tankard.

The Goldsmiths Sotheby Award was created by Jocelyn Burton, was of Britain's leading gold and silversmiths at the time who had previously secured commissioned works to members of the Royal Family. It was the first Sotheby Award to be awarded outside the United Kingdom, and was valued at $8,000 when presented in 1980.

This is one of 959 photographs (or images) of the Exhibition Building collated by the Exhibition Trustees as a 10 volume pictorial history of the Exhibition Building spanning the years 1880 to 1985. The pictorial history was instigated by the centenary of the Exhibition Building in 1980 and forms part of a larger Royal Exhibition Building collection of documents, photographs, objects and research files.

Description of Content

Colour photograph depicting Trustees Director John Charles Elden, holding the HRH Prince William Tankard, and Trustee Executive Assistant CJ Challis, holding the Royal Australian Air Force Diamond Jubilee Tankard, in front of a display cabinet of various presentation items, including the 1980 Goldsmiths Sotheby Award presented to the Royal Exhibition Buildings.

Physical Description

A colour photographic print on a page of a photograph album. There is a printed caption below the photograph.

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