Colour photograph of an internal space within Centennial Hall in 1983. This internal area was previously the site of the Royale Ballroom kitchen. The Royale Ballroom was demolished between March and May 1979.

This is one of 959 photographs (or images) of the Exhibition Building collated by the Exhibition Trustees as a 10 volume pictorial history of the Exhibition Building spanning the years 1880 to 1985. The pictorial history was instigated by the centenary of the Exhibition Building in 1980 and forms part of a larger Royal Exhibition Building collection of documents, photographs, objects and research files.

Description of Content

View of an internal space within Centennial Hall. There is a large wall to the left of the photograph made up of two rows of rectagular panels or tiles in a light apricot-pink colour. In the centre of the photograph there is a distinct section showing two adjacent white shutters that are drawn down to waist level with blue-grey tiling underneath. Above the white shutters are three distinctly coloured square panels, a blue-grey panel at left, a white panel in the middle and a red panel to the right. A tall brown roller-door can be seen in the background with white panelling placed above the roller-door and running down the rear wall. There is a clock high up on the wall above the three coloured panels and an internal office area can be seen through windows above the clock.

Physical Description

A colour photographic print on a page of a photograph album. There is a printed caption below the photograph.


The Exhibition Trustees' album containing this photograph provides an invaluable visual record of past maintenance and restoration work undertaken on the Royal Exhibition Buildings prior to the building being recognised with a World Heritage Listing in 2004.

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