Black & white photograph of the central entrance area in the Eastern Annexe in 1971. This northern end of the Eastern Annexe was demolished throughout August and September 1971.

This is one of 959 photographs (or images) of the Exhibition Building collated by the Exhibition Trustees as a 10 volume pictorial history of the Exhibition Building spanning the years 1880 to 1985. The pictorial history was instigated by the centenary of the Exhibition Building in 1980 and forms part of a larger Royal Exhibition Building collection of documents, photographs, objects and research files.

Description of Content

The photograph shows an internal view of the central entrance area in the eastern annexe. There is a large open area with very high walls and ceiling. A panel of small windows at the junction of one of the walls and ceiling allows natural light into the area. There is a mixture of construction and moving equipment placed against the wood panelled walls to the left, ranging from ladders and metal drums to wooden planks and trolleys. The rear wall is constructed of brick and has two archways with wooden double-doors. There is a large set of reinforced double-doors secured with a metal latch with a sign above which reads: "Parking is not permited in this area".

Physical Description

A black & white silver gelatin print on a page of a photograph album. There is a printed caption below the photograph.


The Exhibition Trustees' album containing this photograph provides an invaluable visual record of past maintenance and restoration work undertaken on the Royal Exhibition Buildings prior to the building being recognised with a World Heritage Listing in 2004.

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