Sticker 'We Can't Be Beaten' with logo of Kinglake Football Netball Club, 2009.

The Kinglake area has had a long history of being affected by bushfires (1926, 1939, 1960, 1982-83, 2006, and 2009). The Kinglake Football and Netball Club has for many years been a central focus for community activity and identity. This promotional bumper sticker publicised the Kinglake Football and Netball Club for its 2009 season which took place after the Black Saturday bushfires, in which 31 people died. The community's determination to compete in the football season demonstrates the strong drive to assert life over death through sport and community engagement.The phrase 'We can't be beaten' refers not only to their sporting efforts but to community survival and resilience. This is one of two stickers collected from Pheasant Creek Bakery 19 June 2009.

Physical Description

Green and gold sticker with logo of Kinglake Football Netball Club 2009.


This sticker is an outstanding symbol of the Kinglake community's drive to survive and recover after facing insurmountable odds. As Australia experiences more variable climate events of such magnitude, communities such as Kinglake can be a symbol of hope, renewal and survival after tragedy.

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