Booklet titled 'Faces of the Fires: A Grateful Victoria Says Thank You', published by The Herald Sun in March 2003. This booklet was published as a means of thanking the Victorian people involved in and responding to the events of Black Saturday. It is filled with images from the day and the weeks preceding these fires and also documents the regional services called to action during this time. Included is a message from the Premier of Victoria, Mr Brumby, which informs people as to how they can donate to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

Physical Description

A4 saddle stitched booklet with 32 pages printed in full colour throughout. Cover has title at top with white text reversed out of red band. Cover is predominantly filled with faces of people with secondary white text reversed out of black background.


The fires of Black Saturday impacted over 100 Victorian communities. As the enormity of these events began to sink in, ways of expressing thanks to those groups, services and individuals who helped these communities were demonstrated by producing inserts into publications such as newspapers. This booklet is one of the many examples that are used as 'souvenirs' within newspapers printed at this time and highlights the ways in which media publishers use these emotive publications to sell their products.

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