Lantern slide inscribed 'The Battle of the Baltic'. 'The Battle of the Baltic' is the title of a patriotic poem written in 1801 by the Scottish poet Thomas Campbell (1777-1844) about the naval Battle of Copenhagen - fought earlier that year between the fleets of Britain and Denmark.

Part of the Francis Collection of pre-cinematic apparatus and ephemera, acquired by the Australian and Victorian Governments in 1975. David Francis was the curator of the National Film and Sound Archive of the British Film Institute as well as being a co-founder of the Museum of the Moving Image in London, which was operational between 1988 and 1999.

Description of Content

Black and white line drawing showing men in battle. The main figures are dressed in rough clothes with neck scarves or large collars. One is wearing a sword; another bears what appears to be a ramrod for loading cannon. They look towards a scene of smoke and flame, though which a ship's rigging is just visible. To their left are several figures including two men wearing naval bicorn hats.

Physical Description

Lantern slide featuring a black and white image printed on glass with black paper edging. A second piece of glass is attached to protect the printed image.

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