First day cover, for 3 1/2 Pence (3 1/2d) 75th Anniversary of the Universal Postal Union. Issued 10 October, 1949. The Universal Postal Union (UPU) was inaugurated in 1874. Before this time, transporting mail across international frontiers was subject to a cumbersome system of treaties. Since 1874, the UPU has played a role in standardizing all aspects of international mail.

Physical Description

Cream-coloured envelope. On the upper left half of envelope, printed 1874 1949. Underneath that, depiction of Globe with aircraft, trucks and train, and. under that printed Commemorating the 75 Anniversary of the Universal Postal Union, First Day Cover, 10th October, 1949. Postmarked CARLTON VIC.10 OC49. Stamp depicts postman on horseback and aircraft.

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