Model of a twin-rotor helicopter designed by Grevor Chilton 'Bing' Molyneux. The model has a small stand incorporating an electric motor to drive the rotor blades for wind tunnel testing. The mock-up engine is a 130 hp Gipsy Major. This model was subjected to wind tunnel tests at the Aeronautical Research Laboratories (ARL) in Melbourne in May-June1954 and was subsequently donated to the Museum. It has a stand and an electric motor to drive both rotors via a gearbox and shafts.

The initial design was intended to be the first commercial helicopter manufactured in Australia by the Molyneux Helicopter Co. Pty Ltd at Essendon Airport, Melbourne. Construction of a full-size prototype began at Essendon but was not finished. A larger commercial XM-1000 version was planned but not built. The Molyneux Helicopter Co. then concentrated on the construction of truck bodies and hoists.

Physical Description

Disassembled metal helicopter with wooden cabin and perspex windows with two wooden figures inside. Helicopter body has two rotors at the front and rear, and yellow painted blades taped to helicopter body. It sits inside an original wooden crate which is painted grey on the outside. Secured inside crate there is a small wooden table with a motor for display and 17 loose metal pegs.

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