Three documents taped together in back of World War II photograph album ST 039706. They comprise:

'Daily order' sheet for the HMAS Hobart, 9 December 1941. Advises that 'Patrol' is responsible for 'Embarkation', and provides times for activities such as '0615: Wash down upperdeck'. Notes are added regarding 'Special Parties' such as a 'Beef Party'; 'Special Boats' and 'Shutting of Deadlights'.

'Do you know' sheet from HMAS Hobart, 5 January 1942. Lists the ships that will be in convoy with the Hobart, and details tonnage, date built, size and place registered. The ships are: El Madina, Rissaldar, Jalarajar, Rajput and the Silver Barch. The list of names follows the heading 'Escort': Danae, Electra, Express, Stronghold, Goulburn and Burnie. The page is authored by F.R. James, Lieut. Commander.

Newspaper cutting 'Hobart Men Tell of Narrow Escapes', dated approx. 10 April 1942 (same article was published in the Barrier Miner [Broken Hill] on that date). It was probably taken from a South Australian newspaper as South Australian sailors are particularly mentioned. The article explains that the men have been through 'months of intensive work in the Mediterranean and the fiercest bombings of Singapore and Java fighting...they survived 260 bombs, 74 of which were classed as near misses...In Batavia a huge bomb went clean through an oil tanker and exploded under the water, lifting the Hobart, which was tied up next to the tanker.' The day was remembered by the Hobart sailors as 'Black Sunday'.

The photograph album to which the documents are attached was compiled by David Ralph Goodwin, RAN. It contains 108 black and white photographs taken during World War II.

David Ralph Goodwin was born 14 November 1921 in Mordialloc. He enlisted 11 May 1938 in Melbourne, service number 22112, and became an Able Seaman. During World War II he served on HMA Ships Perth (19 May 1939 - 28 August 1941) and Hobart (29 August 1941 - 4 September 1942) before being transferred to HMAS Cerberus (5 September 1942 - 21 July 1943), the Royal Australian Navy's Western Port training facility. He remained at HMAS Cerberus until June 1943 when he was diagnosed as suffering from anxiety neuroses. He was discharged on 21 July 1943. He formed the ex-HMAS Perth Association in 1966. David Ralph Goodwin died on the 4th of June 2011.

Physical Description

Two sheets of white paper with printed text in purple ink and hand written notes in black ink. Taped with adhesive tape to newspaper cutting, very yellowed. All deeply creased.

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