One of nine photographs taken by Robert Cutting on 25 April 2010 of the Newmarket Saleyards. These photographs were commissioned by the Kensington Community Group for use in preparation for the 150th Anniversary of the Newmarket Saleyards to be celebrated in 2011. The photographs document the Newmarket site from a current (2010) perspective.

Description of Content

Image of Newmarket Saleyards, with view looking southwards under the Epsom Road overpass constructed in 1911, replacing a level crossing. The Underpass became known as "The Back Gate" where a stock counter counted livestock as it passed through after being sold at the Newmarket Auctions. "The Back Gate" formed part of the original Stock Route. This image highlights the almost lifesize scale, placement and overall positioning of the mosaic mural that was installed on the walls of the underpass in 1998, in celebration of the Newmarket Saleyards workers. The mosaic mural "The Back Gate" was created by community artist Elizabeth (Libby) McKinnon 1990-1992 and installed in its current position beneath the Epsom Road overpass in 1988; the murals were officially unveiled by the Hon. Robert MacLellan, MLA, Minister for Planning and Local Government, on 5th April 1998.

Physical Description

Colour digital photograph.


These photographs document were commissioned in preparation for the 150th anniversary in 2011 to be used as a tool to educate, acknowledge and promote the historical significance of the Newmarket Saleyards to the local community and media.

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