Lantern slide depicting a man in Arabic-style dress putting his shoes on.

Previously identified as one of a series of printed lantern slides depicting the story of The Holy War, originally written in 1682 by John Bunyan. The series was made some time between 1850 and 1910. This slide, however, is illustrated in a different style, and the number '19' on the frame suggests that it was part of a larger series. The slide would have been used for storytelling, and probably illustrates a folk tale.

Part of a collection of 126 slides previously located together in a wooden box. The collection contains photographic, printed and hand painted slides depicting landscapes, buildings, scientific drawings, animals and religious stories.

Description of Content

Coloured illustration of a man standing in a doorway about to put shoes on. He is wearing a white and red turban, long blue coat with yellow collar, red shirt and white bloomers. A few other figures are indicated in the background.

Physical Description

Hand painted and printed image on a glass plate mounted in a solid wood frame.

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