Lantern slide of a colony of penguins on Macquarie Island.

One of 328 images in various formats including artworks, photographs, glass negatives and lantern slides.

Description of Content

Thousands of Royal Penguins in Rookeries on Macquarie Island. Eric Douglas' log 'Soon we came across a stream, and going up and down this stream were many (Royal) penguins. They were going to and from their rookeries. We walked up the shallow stream for several hundred yards and then came across a large rookery. Frank Hurley took cinema [motion film footage] along the way and at the rookery. We returned to the beach and watched the penguins surfing. They were playing around just like people on the beach. The Penguins here were quite tame and did not take much notice of us. They estimate there are at least half a million penguins at this part of the Island. Probably the biggest rookery in the world'. Photograph taken during the British Australian New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition (BANZARE), Voyage 2.

Physical Description

Standard format lantern slide, consisting of two glass sheets each 3.25 x 3.25 ins (83 x 83mm), one pane bearing a positive transparent image and the other pane protecting the image. Sealed with paper binding strips around the four edges of the lantern slide and internally framed with a black cut-out window mask.

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