Cloth uniform badge issued by the 1st West Peakhurst Scout Troop, in the St George area of New South Wales. As with the other badges in this collection it demonstrates the way that a stereotypical figure of an Aboriginal man is used as a scout troop mascot.

Badges like this were worn by Australian Boy Scouts on their uniforms to designate the troop to which each scout belonged.

Physical Description

White badge with an Aboriginal man with speak and boomerang in the centre of two concentric circles. The inner circle is in yellow/ orange while the text is in red.


These badges are significant because they show the way that the Scout movement continued to use stereotypical images of indigenous people on their official insignia from the 1960s to the 2000s. This object forms part of a small collection of objects which demonstrate the various ways Indigenous imagery, designs and materials have been referenced, appropriated and even exploited to produce popular consumer products which at times are branded in inappropriate and even offensive ways.

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