Booklet describing aspects of Aboriginal tribes and customs, published by the Sanitarium Health Food Company as part of their Sanitarium Children's Library Series, probably during the 1940s. It has 50 colour plates of paintings, each depicting various aspects of Aboriginal culture, with a short explanation describing the subject matter of each illustration. The back cover reproduces Norman Tindale's 1940 'tribal' map of Australia. The text in the album was written by Fred McCarthy, curator of anthropology at the Australian Museum, Sydney.

Physical Description

Booklet comprising of 16 pages (including the cover). The cover has an orange background and text in brown and black and has an image of an Aboriginal man kneeling and working to create a fire.


This booklet is significant because it is an attempt by a food company to market their product to parents by including educational games, in this case about Aboriginal people. The booklet reflects the interests of the period (1940s - 1950s) where Aboriginal people were seen primarily through their customs. It also attempts to reflect the different Aboriginal groupings as known at the time through the reproduction of Tindales 1940 'tribal' map of Australia.

This object forms part of a small collection of objects which demonstrate the various ways Indigenous imagery, designs, culture and materials have been referenced, appropriated and even exploited to produce popular consumer products which at times are branded in inappropriate and even offensive ways.

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