Aerial photograph of a captured horse transport north of Fehweh.

One of an album of 32 black and white photographs of the Middle East during World War I, probably taken by Australian Flying Corps photographer Norman Henry Clutterbuck, the maternal uncle of the previous owner Ray Kerby. The album mostly contains aerial photographs of locations around the Middle East, some of which appear to be duplicates of photographs found in the war diaries of the No. 1 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps, held at the Australian War Memorial. The album also contains images of what appears to be either the Second or Third Gaza Campaigns. The album ST 41220, from the same source, contains copies of some of the images in this album.

Description of Content

Aerial image of what appears to be an unsealed road stretching from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. What appears to be several vehicles can be seen on the road in two separate lines.

Physical Description

Black and white photographic print on paper.

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