Black and white photograph titled 'Streets of Colombo', it shows a streetscape, taken 14 March 1947. It is part of a leather-bound photo album created by George Palmer during his migrant voyage from England to Australia on the RMS Orion in 1947. George migrated to Australia with his wife Gertrude and their two daughters, Shirley and Lesley.

The photographs in the album record the Palmers' life in England, their voyage to Australia including ports, daily activities and shipboard views, and their arrival in Melbourne.

Description of Content

Street decorations and a raised flag hanging in the street outside of the Grand Oriental Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka, 1947. The decorations are in celebration of the return of Sanchi relics. A few people can be seen throughout the street and some cars parked outside of the building.

Physical Description

Black and white photograph printed on Kodak Velox photographic paper. Photograph is positioned at the top left of the album page.


This collection provides an invaluable record of one family's migration experience, from the first seed of desire to leave England, to the securing of employment, application processes, packing, departure, journey and immediate arrival in Melbourne. The journal is particularly rich in terms of its detailed account of daily shipboard life, including the descriptions of cabins, decks, interior spaces, facilities, lighting, food, mail systems, weather, ports, and activities. While not the actual original document, it is an immediate copy, contemporary to its time and reflects the significance of this rite of passage for the thousands of migrants who arrived in Australia during the post-war period. The photo album provides an evocative complimentary visual record of the experience.

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