The kangaroo is described as "Old man kangaroo called Madjiborla". It is identified as a black kangaroo found amongst the hills around Oenpelli (now Gunbulanya). The unamed artist told Paddy Cahill, the pastoralist at Oenpelli, that the hunter came across the kangaroo when he returned from searching for honey that he carries in the conical basket hanging from his neck. The spear is also identified as a "jiboru". This work was amongst a suite of 64 bark paintings that reproduced images from the rock art galleries of western Arnhem Land. The paintings were commissioned for the museum by Paddy Cahill at the request of Baldwin Spencer.

Physical Description

A sheet of bark (Stringybark, Eucalyptus tetrodonta) painted with natural pigments. The image depicts a kangaroo being speared by a hunter holding a spearthrower and a basket hangs from his neck.

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