Booklet, full colour, with title 'Welcome to the AFL. Australian Football explained in 17 languages' published by the Australian Football League in 2006, sponsored by the National Australia Bank. This particular copy of the booklet was being distributed at the Australian Migrant Education Service (AMES) in 2008.

The booklet provides a basic guide to Australian Rules Football in 17 languages, such as the teams, length of a match, tackling, and scoring. The languages include those most frequently spoken in Australian homes as well as rapidly emerging languages: English, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Arabic, Turkish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Somalian, Amharic and Dari.

Physical Description

20 page full colour glossy booklet plus cover. Two central staples at spine. Cover features colour image of a Sherrin football with the AFL logo and title: 'Welcome to the AFL. Australian Football explained in 17 languages.' Booklet includes an introduction by AFL Chief Executive Andrew Demetriou, a description of the AFL Multicultural Program and then each subsequent page has a short description of Australian Rules football in 17 languages including English.


This booklet demonstrates the efforts of large organisations such as the Australian Football League to reach diverse communities and promote national activities such as football to a wide public, including community members whose speak languages other than English. It also provides a snapshot of languages most commonly spoken in Australian homes in the late 2000s.

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