Postcard featuring sepia image of Neutral Bay in Sydney with sailing boats and includes a handwritten message.

It is one of sixty seven postcards dated from the 5 January 1904 to 16 April 1907, all addressed to James Baird Scott and his family living in Paisley, Scotland. Fifty three of the cards are sent from Victoria, Australia, by Marion Flinn and her family and feature Melbourne landmarks and suburbs, scenes from Victoria and New South Wales. Fourteen postcards are sent from various international locations including South Africa, Nigeria, India, Singapore and western Europe apparently by extended members of James Baird's family either holidaying or working.

Physical Description

Sepia postcard, with image of Neutral Bay, Sydney. Hand writing around the image. Reverse side with hand written address, date stamp and stamps.


This collection of early 20th century postcards provides an invaluable pictorial record of urban and rural landscapes in Melbourne,Victoria and New South Wales. It also captures the social and political attitudes and observations of one Melbourne family, relating to domestic and social life, literature, politics, and Australian culture. Themes such as nationalism, the postiion of women and prejudices surrounding Aboriginal Australians, global shipping and communication are also referenced by both the visual iconography and the commentary on the postcards.

More Information

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    Home & Community, Leisure, Information & Communication, Images & Image Making, Public Life & Institutions

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from Moreen Shields, Jun 2011

  • Sender

    Marion Flinn, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 31 Aug 1904

  • Addressed To

    Mr James B. Scott, Paisley, Scotland, 31 Aug 1904

  • Inscriptions

    Printed: Neutral Bay, Sydney. W.. T. P. & Co. Handwritten text: Melbourne 31.8.04 'My dear Cousin. Monday's mail brought a very peaceful and charming view of the Thames from you. and indeed the message was so delightful I fain would have sent you a letter to show the depth of my thanks. Do you ever feel it? Can you guess what pleases me most? I really think you do. Still I shall not say what it is for then it will lose some of its charm and spontaneity. This view is more of your favourite mill pond style then than my favourite rushing seas. And I'm thinking you may have received one like it before. For I am sometimes quite puzzled to know what I have sent between Grace, George, my Aunt and yourself. Still I'm sure the message will make amends if ever I do duplicate. We are We are 10 souls all told in our hose just now. Jack Shrine, his wife and little girl are on a 10 day visit and are going up to Gippsland for a change. Jack and Daisy have had typhoid and both need building up a good bit. Did you know he had giving up farming and is now a "homer" missionary for the Presbyterian church of U. He is very pushing and fond of his work, devoted to study and all together a nice fellow. The first few days he was here I kept always forgetting an called him James! The wish must have been father of the thought! He used to smile and of course I apologised. Chris' cold is quite better now thanks and he is thiang at the Divine Comedy and the Life of Marfield Arnold. Both of us have a great love for Dante and Arnold & I should add Emerson G. Macdonald & Meredith and certainly not leave out Robertson of Brighton. Oh James, James! you don't tell me what you are reading and here am I just boring your every week. I'm so glad the girls are going to write to me and tell the schools news. Our girls often speak of them and weary for their cards. With best love to Agnes, the weans and yourself M' Mr J. B. Scott 12 Hillview Paisley Scotland

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    Communications, Postal, Correspondence

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    History & Technology

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    139 mm (Width), 88 mm (Height)

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    Bays, Boats, Coastal Landscapes, Correspondence, Postcards, Scottish Communities, Scottish Immigration