Earthenware beaker or loving cup made by Doulton in Burslem, England. Designed in 1900 by John Slater and Doulton's Australian agent, John Shorter, it was manufactured as a souvenir of Australia's Federation in 1901.

This design features images of Queen Victoria, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York, Lord Hopetoun and Sir Henry Parkes, and garlands of waratah and roses. It was available in either green or sepia, and was printed on a range of merchandise, including teapots, plaques, mugs, and jugs. One hundred beakers, featuring the design printed in gold, were issued to Members of Parliament.

Physical Description

Cream earthenware beaker with sepia floral patterning. Front features a cameo portrait of Queen Victoria within an oval border, an Australian Light horseman wearing a slouch hat to her left and a British Infantryman to her right. Cameo portraits of Sir Henry Parkes and Lord Hopetoun on the back of the beaker, flanked by cameo portraits of the Duke of Cornwall and York and the Duchess of Cornwall and York.

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