One of 129 World War I photographs likely to have been taken by Driver Cyril Rose, AIF. Rose was made a driver in the 1st Australian Auxiliary Mechanical Transport Company before moving to the 2nd Australian Divisional Mechanical Transport Company when in France. He sailed from Melbourne on 22 December 1916 on the Persic, arriving in England in March 1917. In June he was sent to France where his service consisted of driving in a supply column. He returned to Australia on the Persic on 13 July 1919.

A majority of the images included in the album appear to be from the time Rose spent in England, particularly Wiltshire, before he travelled to France. The album also includes images of servicemen, battle sites, buildings and Cologne, Germany.

Image of a building of unknown provenance.

Description of Content

Image depicting a large, domed building situated on a street corner. There are at least two sets of tracks along the street and there are figures milling about along the pavement, including a figure to the left of frame who is wearing a four sides sandwich boad.

Physical Description

Black and white photographic print on paper.

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