Hand-coloured 'Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne', postcard from the Philco Series, no.1040A, published by the Philco Publishing Company, Holborn Place, London. The postcard has been issued and is dated 30 April 1909.

The Philco Publishing Company published a wide range of photographic view-cards, produced as collotypes and photogravures. Most of their cards were printed in Germany, although some series were produced in Italy. They were in business between approximately 1906-34.

This particular card is interesting for several reasons, one of them being the extravagant pink and white colour scheme in which the Exhibition Building has been depicted. On the card's reverse is a message written from the 'Office, Friday night' from 'Fred' to his 'dear Katie'. In the note, he talks briefly about the recent purchase of 100 bales of wool, a trip to Rosebud and meeting a friend of Katie's, a Miss Cutter, who was visiting Dromana.

Physical Description

A hand-coloured photographic reproduction of the Exhibition Building, probably during the early years of the twentieth century. On the reverse of the card there is space to write a message, an address and to place a stamp. The card has been issued.

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