World War I Seventh War Loan subscriber's certificate issued to Mrs Lydia G. Thompson and signed by Federal Treasurer W. H. Watt, with undated Commercial Bank of Australia St Kilda stamp.

The Seventh War Loan was announced in August 1918, the final war loan organised by the Commonwealth Government to raise money for World War I.

Known as a 'House Badge' the certificate features the 'honour flag' - an unfurled white flag with the Australian flag in the canton and a red border - depicted against a yellow background. The words 'Seventh War Loan, The Honor Flag' are printed across the top. The certificate is signed by William Alexander Watt, Commonwealth Treasurer at that time.

Physical Description

Colour printed certificate, yellow background with title text in blue and red ink, featuring image of Australian flag depicted within a larger white flag with a red border. Subscriber's name is handwritten in black ink. Certificate has visible horizontal fold line and small tear on the right hand side of the fold.

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