Document encouraging Australians to help the returned servicemen of World War I through the purchase of a 'Peace Loan.'

This particular example is targeted specifically at parents and encourages the purchase of peace bonds through emotive appeals to patriotism and gratitude towards the returned troops. The document outlines the amount required by the Federal Government (£25,000,000) before stating the contribution expected from Victoria (£8,200,000) and ends with the emotive phrase: 'Victoria's men did not fail her. Shall Victoria fail her men?'

The document has been sent out under the authority of the Minister of Public Instruction, who declares himself 'assured of the patriotic help' of Victoria. (William Hutchinson was Minister of Public Instruction and of Forests March 1918 to November 1920.) The document appears to have been inserted into a school publication before being circulated to parents.

Physical Description

Single brown sheet of B5 paper with black ink printed text.

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