Invitation card issued by Victorian Minister for Water Supply, L.W. Galvin to Mr J. F. C. Tresise, of the Loddon River Advisory Committee, for attendance at the official ceremony to mark the commencement of construction on the Cairn Curran Reservoir. The ceremony held on 4th September 1947 near the hamlet of Baringhup and was presided over by the Honorable L.W. Galvin, MLA.

Cairn Curran Reservoir is a 120 acre-feet (147 megalitre) water storage on the Loddon River, west of the central Victorian town of Maldon formed by a 656 metre long x 44 metre high earth and rockfill embankment. It was built by the State Rivers & Water Supply Commission of Victoria between 1947 and 1956 at a cost of £1.23 million primarily for the purposes of flood mitigation, irrigation and stock water supply to farms in the lower Loddon Valley and to supplement the domestic water supply to the town of Maryborough. The lake formed by the reservoir would later become a popular recreation destination for boating and fishing enthusiasts.

Physical Description

Rectangular buff-coloured card with dark blue printed text and gilt edging. A map showing the location of the dam appears on the reverse.

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