An oil painting titled 'Roses' by the Dutch artist Geraldine Jacoba Van de Sande Bakhuyzen (1826-1895). The work was originally part of the art collection of wealthy Melbourne merchant and collector John Twycross, and is one of three works by the artist retained by the Twycross family.

The Bakhuyzens are a distinguished Dutch family of artists, related through marriage to the other well-known Dutch artist family, the Van Goghs. The two families remained in contact and mentions of the Bakhuyzen are scattered throughout Vincent Van Gogh's letters to his brother, Theo.

Geraldine Jacoba Van de Sande Bakhuyzen exhibited just one painting in the Dutch Court at the 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition, titled 'Roses'. The work was bought by John Twycross who subsequently corresponded with Bakhuyzen throughout the early 1880s, commissioning several other works from her. Copies of the original letters are retained by the Twycross family.

The Bakhuyzen paintings were not included in the 1889 auction sale of Twycross' painting and statuary collection, and as a result have not passed out of the Twycross family.

The three paintings were loaned to Museum Victoria in February 2012 by the family so that it could be photographed as part of the research work into the John Twycross International Exhibitions Collection. 'Roses' was subsequently gifted to the Museum.

Description of Content

Still life of red, pink and white roses in a round black vase.

Physical Description

Oil painting in wooden frame.

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