Silver plated napkin ring produced as a souvenir of the All-Australian Exhibition, held in the Exhibition Building at Carlton Gardens between 13 October and 10 November 1934. The Exhibition was conducted by the Victorian Chamber of Manufactures and the Australian Natives' Association, in connection with the Victorian Centenary.

The napkin ring features an enamelled image of the Exhibition Building, arguably the most culturally significant and recognisable building in Victoria at the time.

The Australian Natives' Association was established in Melbourne in 1871 as a non-partisan and non-sectarian friendly society for Australian-born, white men seeking to shape Australia's nationhood and identity. The ANA was a strong advocate for Federation and became an advocate for White Australia. It was a staunch supporter of trade protection and immigration restriction, and Prime Minister Alfred Deakin was a member.

Physical Description

Flattened oval, silvered metal napkin ring, with an applied enamel badge in the shape of Australia featuring an image of the Exhibition Building and text.


These napkin rings illustrate the sort of domestic utensils selected as souvenirs for the Centenary of Melbourne/ Victoria. Four of the rings were souvenirs of the All-Australia Centenary Exhibition, and feature an image of the Royal Exhibition Building. This ties in nicely with the building's history as an exhibition venue, and its place as a cultural icon in early 20th century Victoria.

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