'Native Fight on the Lower Goulburn River in 1842' painted by artist Caroline Le Souëf in 1895. The painting depicts a fight between members of the Bangarang (spelt by Le Souëf as Pangarang) and the Oorilim tribes in 1842 witnessed and later described by Caroline's husband Mr. Albert A. Le Souef. During his teens Albert spent three years at the Goulburn River protectorate station, managed by his father, where he gained lasting knowledge of Aboriginal culture and bushcraft. It was during this time that he witnessed the fight depicted in this painting.

Caroline grew-up in friendly contact with the local Aboriginal people of the Goulburn River Valley region, and developed an ongoing interest in their life and customs. Later in life she took up oil painting of Aboriginal subjects - reminiscences from her and her husband's youth.

Physical Description

Oils on canvas, titled "Native Fight on the Lower Goulburn River in 1842".

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