One of 74 black and white photographs contained within a hard-covered photograph album.

Inscribed on front page of the album 'M.G.A. Warner'. Belonged to Sister Mabel Ashton Warner, who served in Queen Alexandra's Royal Nursing Service.

Photographs are glued into album, and are generally very faded. Some appear commercially-produced; others are rough and amateurish (for example, not cut straight).

The album contains many copyright official photos of the Boer War, Spion Kop memorial, armoured train, hospital trains, horse drawn field ambulance unit, nurses, wards, stretcher bearers, groups of soldiers, block-houses, camps, etc. Several images show interior of Kimberley Military Hospital medical and surgical wards. Includes an image of 'self' with two other nurses. Several are dated 1902.

Kimberley Military Hospital was hospital no.11 during the Boer War. Kimberley is the capital city of the province of Northern Cape, South Africa. It was beseiged during the Boer War, from 14 October 1899 to 15 February 1900.

Description of Content

Seven men standing in front of a train tunnel that has been destroyed in battle, South Africa, circa 1902.

Physical Description

Black and white sepia toned photograph.

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