Black and white photograph of 10 Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd staff at a retirees lunch, posed on the stairs at the back of the Amenities Building at the Kodak factory in Coburg, mid 1980s.

The staff pictured include Jim Harrison who was retrenched in about 1983 when he was 65 years old. Other Kodak staff in this photograph include Max Lee, design superintendent; Jack McDonald, electrician; Jack (surname unknown), engineering staff; Thelma Schaeffer, Engineering Department Print Room (records); and Bert Hopwood, Engineering Workshops manager. Events for former staff were regularly hosted at Kodak, and this photograph highlights the enduring relationships that Kodak Australasia's staff had with Kodak and with each other.

Before joining Kodak, Jim Harrison had trained in the air force as a fitter and turner. Early in his career at Kodak, Jim Harrison was the leading hand in the Instrument Workshop, which was part of the Instrument Engineering Department. During these early years with the company he contracted mumps from his daughter and needed about 3 weeks off work. His boss visited him at home with wages and flowers, highlighting the care that Kodak took of their staff at this time. He later joined management, and worked on a project listing Kodak assets around Australia with a team of engineers and accountants. His last position before he retired was as the Engineering Department Stores Manager. Jim worked for over 20 years at Kodak, and a few years before he finished up at Kodak, received a watch for his long service.

Description of Content

Ten men and women standing posed on concrete stairs outside a building.There are creeping vines on the stairs and the wall behind the people, and a tree in the background. On the balcony level above there are numerous windows.

Physical Description

Black and white silver gelatin photograph, portrait format.


This photograph enhances our understanding of photographic manufacturing and retailing in Australia, and highlights the history of Kodak in Australia and its workforce, in particular the enduring relationships that the staff had with Kodak and with each other.

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