Program of events held at the Aquarium at the Exhibition Buildings, Carlton Gardens. Dating from circa 1913, the program provides a schedule of daily performances, including musical interludes by Miss Nicholson, dance performances by Mamselle Lorelli, Seal and Sea Lion displays, Trained and Educated Dogs and Monkeys, and Moving Pictures.

The aquarium, picture gallery and museum opened at the Exhibition Buildings in February 1885. On display in this 'world of wonders' were aquatic creatures, natural history specimens, antiquities, fine arts, a suit of armour worn by a member of the Kelly gang, a cyclorama, a children's theatre and a planetarium. The complex was destroyed by fire in 1953; only three seals and a 60 year old Japanese salamander survived the blaze

Physical Description

Pink sheet of paper folded in half to form four pages. Printed on all sides in black ink. A picture of the Exhibition Building illustrates the first page.

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