Photocopies of handwritten letters written by John Bult during his travels on company business in Argentina in the period 9 December 1903 to 15 December 1904.

The letters provide an account of Bult's activities and progress around the country to start machines in various crops (linseed or flax, wheat, oats), often under difficult weather conditions and state of crop ripeness, and also for difficult customers. He reports on the performance of competitor machines, and dealings with local agents and workers. He also reports on alterations made to machines in order to deal with the local conditions. The majority of the letters are addressed to Mr. S. McKay, but some are also addressed to Mr Jack McDougall, Mr A. Lawson, Messrs Agar Cross & Co., and Mr H. V. McKay. He also reports the circumstances of the death of George Perry from a burst blood vessel while he was sufferring from a mild case of scarlatina.

Physical Description

37 sheets of glossy, white photocopy paper. Stapled in top left corner. Extensive handwritten text. Numbers printed in top right of each page.

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