Wide-fold postcard written in Spanish with a photographic image of an agricultural field with several horse-drawn harvesters. The image is titled "Vista de una seccion de cosechadoras "La Australiana" trabajando en las Estancia Cochico, Guamini. F.C.S."

Approximate translation of Spanish text on this postcard: 'View of a section of "La Australiana" harvesters working on the Cochicó property in Gaumini, F.C.S. Due to the good results achieved by 50 of these machines obtained through us (Agar, Cross & Co.), by Rural Bremen company in 1903 for its Cochicó property, the company has this year favoured us with an order for an additional 25 machines, and the fact that a single establishment has invested significant capital, represented by the 75 machines, each with cutting width of 6 feet, is proof of the greatness of "La Australiana" and the admirable result obtained with it'.

Description of Content

Image of 50 horse-drawn harvesting machines (combine harvesters) in a field in Argentina. Several people are also standing near or sitting on the machines.

Physical Description

Sepia image within a white border on one side of white card. Printed Spanish text in brown ink under image, in border and on reverse. Handwritten text in pencil on reverse.

More Information

  • Collection Names

    Old McKay Archive, H.V. McKay Sunshine Collection

  • Collecting Areas

    Working Life & Trades, Sustainable Futures

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from Mr D H. Ferguson, 9/6/1972

  • Place & Date Depicted

    Argentina, Sep 1905

  • Organisation Named

    H.V. McKay, Sep 1905

  • Format

    Postcard, Sepia

  • Inscriptions

    Front, printed: ' VISTA DE UNA SECCIÓN DE COSECHADORAS "LA AUSTRALIANA" TRABAJANDO EN LA ESTANCIA COCHICÍÓ, GUAMINÍ, F. C. S. / Debido al buen resultado que dieron 50 de estas máquinas que la Cia. Rural Bremen nos compró en 1903 para su Estancia Cochicó, en Guaminí, F. C. S., este año nos ha favorecido con un nuevo pedido por 25 más y el hecho de que un solo / establecimiento invierta el enorme capital que representa el valor de 75 máquinas, cada una de seis pies de corte, es una prueba fehaciente de la bondad de "La Australiana" y el resultado admirable que se obtiene con ella. / Buenos Aires, Septembre de 1905. AGAR, CROSS & Cia ', ' Unicos / Introductores / de la / Cosechadora- / Trilladora / Combinada / "La Australiana" / Agar, Cross & Cia / 124, Defensa, 136 / Buenos Aires / Comp. Sud-Am, de Bill. de Banco ' Reverse, printed: ' Agar, Cross & Cia / 124, CALLE DEFENSA, 136 / BUENOS AIRES / UNICOS INTRODUCTORES / DE LA AFAMADA COSECHADORA-TRILLADORA COMBINADA / "La Australiana" ', ' CARTE POSTALE / (TARJETA POSTAL) / UNION POSTALE UNIVERSELLE ' Reverse, handwritten: ' E3/2 ', ' Negative 4699 / Reg No. '

  • Classification

    Manufacturing & industry, Agricultural & horticultural equipment, Promotional materials

  • Category

    History & Technology

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  • Overall Dimensions

    475 mm (Width), 113 mm (Height)

  • Keywords

    Agricultural Machinery, Postcards, Harvesters, Harvesting, International Trade, Export Trade