Handwritten letter from H. V. McKay from London to his son Cecil Newton, dated 12th June 1919.

H. V. McKay congratulates Cecil for his win in the boat race against Xavier, dispenses some fatherly advice regarding studies and future ("remember the room (?) is at the top, and no matter what advantages you have in early life the long race depends largely on the amount of vim and grit you put into your own training"), tells of his further travel plans, and of his appointment as Chairman of the Disposal Board, formed to dispose of the "enormous quantities of war material & hospital equipment".

Part of the H.V. McKay Archive, which includes legal records, business correspondence, personal writings, agreements & contracts, accounts, obituary, articles, and photographs taken in Australia and abroad. This is part of the broader McKay Sunshine Collection which includes photographs, films, artefacts, trade literature, company publications and oral histories.

Physical Description

Two sheets of off-white, note paper. Printed company letterhead of H. V. McKay London office with vignette of an aerial illustration of the Sunshine Harvester Works. Handwritten text in black ink.

More Information

  • Collection Names

    Old McKay Archive, H.V. McKay Sunshine Collection

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    Sustainable Futures, Working Life & Trades, Home & Community

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from Mrs. Cecil Newton McKay (nee Shaw), University of Melbourne Archives (The)

  • Author

    H.V. McKay, Sunshine Harvester Works, London, England, Great Britain, 12 Jun 1919

  • Addressed To

    Mr Cecil N. McKay, Victoria, Australia, 12 Jun 1919

  • Inscriptions

    First page, handwritten, blue ink: ' G 7.7 ' First page, handwritten, pencil: ' G 7.6 ' Printed, each page: ' HUGH V. McKAY, / MANUFACTURER OF THE / "SUNSHINE" HARVESTER / AND AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS ' [Further printed text] First page, handwritten, black ink: ' 12 6 19 / My dear Cecil / Many thanks for your letter of 7th Ap which arrived just after Mr Arthur Robinsons cable that you had won the boat race / Accept my heartiest congratulations. You had a tough fight and who would have expected that Xavier would have been the runners up. Mr Lionel Robinson sent me a copy of a cable sent to him by his brother giving details. I understand you ran a dead heat with them in the final & won by inches in the run off. Well it must have been a great go. I wish I could have seen it. / The Melb Grammer were very confidant when I left but they do not appear to have troubled you. / Now if you can put the same amount of steam & determination into your studies & come out well on top you will be doing something that will help you very much more in after life. Remember the room is at the top and no matter what advantages you have in early life the long race depends largely on the amount of vision & grit you put into your own [indecipherable] / I have had a mighty busy time since arriving. Ralph & I have been round Scotland Leeds Sheffield & Barrow in Furness the home of Vickers and shops. / Ralph has now gone to Spain. Mr Delprat arrives tomorrow from America. I have considerable work to do with him. / I thought I had finished with Defense when I resigned from the Board but they may have run me in for it in [indeciperable] here by making me Chairman of the Disposal board. We have enormous quantities of war material & hospital equipment to dispose of. So I will have my hands chock full for next month. I propose leaving for America on 2nd Aug. Staying there a month & leaving San Francisco 9th Sept by the Old Somona / By the way tell your mother I have written her three times & have had no letter. I hope she is well. / With warmest love / your loving Dad '

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    Manufacturing & industry, Agricultural & horticultural equipment, Correspondence

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    History & Technology

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    203 mm (Width), 256 mm (Height)

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    Correspondence, Letters, Handwriting, World War I, 1914-1918, Travel, Rowing, Stationery, Agricultural Implement Works