A typewritten 'confidential' manuscript describing the development of agricultural implement manufacturing businesses in Australia, England and the United States, and gives examples of businesses that have failed to prosper once the original founder has departed. The final paragraph reads: 'Hugh Victory McKay left a fine business, but he could not hand on his personal talents, which were the basis and the mainstay of the success of the Sunshine Harvester Works.' Unknown author and undated but attributed to circa 1927.

The document outlines the roles of the following manufacturers: Hugh Lennon & Co.; John Buncle & Sons; Nicholson & Morrow; Mitchell & Co.; Clarence Smith of Ardrossan, South Australia; George Munro of Ballarat; the May Brothers of Gawler, South Australia; James Martin & Co. of Gawler, South Australia; James Martin & Co. Ltd. of Sydney; the Triumph Plough Co. Ltd. of Adelaide; Ruston, Proctor & Co. of Lincoln, England; Clayton, Shuttleworth of Lincoln, England; Wallace & Co. of Glasgow, Scotland; and the Moline Plow Co. of Moline, U.S.A.

Physical Description

Four single-sided, numbered, off-white sheets of translucent paper. Typewritten text in black ink.

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