Circular letter and schedule from F. W. Pitt, Compiling Editor for 'The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire', to Hugh Victor McKay Esq. C.B.E. of Sunshine, Victoria, dated 16 January 1919.

The circular letter requests that the recipient (H.V. McKay) provide particular information and a portrait photograph, for public and private libraries and institutions, relating to whom and for what services the Order has been conferred. H. V. McKay has filled out the Schedule of Particulars attached to the circular letter.

McKay states his occupation as Manufacturer, his address as 'The Gables', Sunshine, Victoria, Australia, that he was born on the 21st August 1865 at Raywood, Victoria and is the son of the late Nathaniel McKay of Drummartin, Victoria. He was educated at Drummartin and Sandhurst, Victoria and married Sarah Irene Graves, daughter of the late Newton Graves of Ballarat, Victoria, on the 11th March 1891. He lists five children: Victor James and Selwyn (both as deceased), and Cecil, Hugh Victor, and Hilda Mabel. He lists his recreational interests as riding, motoring and bowling, and is a member of the Australian Club and the Melbourne Savage Club.

His chief interests and activities before the outbreak of War were the design and manufacture of harvesting machinery, including the Sunshine Harvester, building the town of Sunshine, and founding the Sunshine Technical College in 1913 of which he has been President since that time. His chief interests and activities since August 1914 have been in manufacturing transport wagons, ambulance wagons, and other war material. He was later a member of the State Munition Committee Victoria Australia and a member of the Board of Business Administration for Defence, Australia. He became a Director of Broken Hill Proprietary Co., the principal steel manufacturer of Australia, and also a committee member of the Industrial Alcohol Section of the Bureau of Science & Industry, Australia.

The typewritten letter of reply is from H.V. McKay, to the Editor of the 'Most Excellent Order of the British Empire', dated 20th May 1919, and included the completed Schedule of Particulars and a portrait photograph.

Part of the H.V. McKay Archive, which includes legal records, business correspondence, personal writings, agreements & contracts, accounts, obituary, articles, and photographs taken in Australia and abroad. This is part of the broader McKay Sunshine Collection which includes photographs, films, artefacts, trade literature, company publications and oral histories.

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Off-white sheet of paper folded in half to make a four page foolscap sized document. Printed, typed and handwritten text in black ink. Off-white sheet of watermarked paper with letterhead. Letterhead has image of a right hand holding a dagger above a banner with text. Typewritten text in purple ink (one side only) and handwritten signature in black ink. Watermark has image of a crown over intertwined initials and text.

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