Rectangular scrapbook that was compiled by Kodak Australasia. It contains approximately 255 archival items produced between 1958 and 1966.

They include promotional leaflets for Kodak products. The products and subjects include a book entitled "How to Make Good Home Movies"; and Brownie 8 Movie Projector Model A15G.

Kodak campaigns include the Kodak Winter Campaign and Kodak Christmas Campaign. Forums promoted include the Seventh Queensland Dental Convention 1960, Australian Dental Association Convention Program Tasmania and 16th Australian Dental Congress. Slogans include: "Wherever you go take Kodak film"; "Picture the Patient's Progress"; "You can trust this picture"; "Photography in the service of medicine"; "Photography at work for the dentist"; "Save all your good times on Kodak films"; and "Give a Kodak Instamatic Camera - the happiest gift of all".

The products and subjects include a book entitled "How to Make Good Home Movies"; Brownie 8 Movie Projector Model A15G; Brownie Fun Saver 8 mm Movie Camera; Brownie Starlet Camera; Buck X-ray Intensifying Screens; Dental Processing Outfit; Kodachrome 8 mm Colour Movie Film; Kodachrome Colour Film; Kodachrome II Colour Film; Kodachrome X; Kodacolor Film; Kodacolor X Film; Kodak Blue Brand X-ray Film; Kodak Colorsnap 35 Camera; Kodak Colour Film; Kodak Dental X-ray Film; Kodak Instamatic Camera; Kodak Intensifying Screens; Kodak Liquid X-ray Developer; Kodak Liquid X-ray Developer Type 2; Kodak Photoflure Orthochromatic Film; Kodak Photoflure Panchromatic Film; Kodak Radiograph Duplicating Film; Kodak Retina Reflex IV Camera; Kodak Retinette IA Camera; Kodak Royal Blue Medical Film; Kodak Royal Blue Medical X-ray Film; Kodak Table Top Camera Stand; Kodak Technical Close-up Kit; Kodak Utility Safelight Lamp; Kodak Verichrome Pan Film; Kodak X-Omat Model M4-A; Kodak X-Omat Processor Model M5; Kodak X-Omat Processor Model M4; Kodak X-Omat System; Kodak X-ray Chemicals; Kodak X-ray Film; Kodak X-ray Film Corner Cutter; Kodak X-ray Identification Printer; Kodak X-ray Processing Hanger; Kodak X-ray Storage Rack; Kodirex X-ray Film; Plaspak 5; Replenisher Type 2; Retina Automatic II; Retina Close Rangefinder and Viewfinder; Retina Microscopic Adapter Kit; Retina Reflex S; View-Master Stereoscopic Atlas of Human Anatomy in Outstanding 3-Dimension Kodachrome Transparencies.

Advertising leaflets and clippings relate to the following publications:
Alfred Today; Apollonia; Articulator; Camera Club Digest; College of Radiologists; Dungog and District Hospital Supplement; Federal Guild Contact; Health Standard; Hospital Administration; Hospitals' Association Journal; Hospitals' Association of NSW; Journal of College of Radiologists; Journal Royal Children's Hospital; Matrix; Mouth Mirror; National Hospital; Proceedings; Radiologists; Reflex; Royal Perth Hospital Journal; Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Journal; Sight and Sound News; Sydney University Medical Journal; The Australasian Journal of Pharmacy; The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Surgery; The Medical Journal of Australia Advertiser; The Radiographer; and Your Hospitals.

Kodak divisions: X-ray Sales Division, Kodak (Australasia) Pty Ltd; Recordak Division, Information Centre for the Modern Hospital; X-ray and Medical Sales Division. Kodak X-Factor team QA check and Information Centre featured in several clippings.

Kodak manufactured and distributed a wide range of photographic products to Australasia, such as film, paper, chemicals, cameras and miscellaneous equipment. Its client base included amateur and professional photographers, as well as specialist medical and graphic art professionals who used photography, x-ray and other imaging techniques.

This scrapbook is part of the Kodak collection of products, promotional materials, photographs and working life artefacts collected from Kodak Australasia in 2005, when the Melbourne manufacturing plant at Coburg closed down.

Physical Description

Large paper rectangular scrapbook with 49 brown paper pages containing black and white and colour clippings from journal, magazine and press advertisements. Clippings included full page, half page and smaller clippings. They range in size from 90 mm by 55 mm to 275 mm by 190 mm. Brown card binding stapled with no hard cover or index page. Paper clip at top left corner of front cover. White label on front page, with type text title and handwritten text underneath. Clippings throughout scrapbook include written and typed annotations identifying the original source.

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