China, Sun Yat-sen
1 Dollar, no date on coin but struck in 1912 AD
Commemorating the Founding of Republic

Obverse Description

Within a circle of beads, bust of Sun Yat-sen; around, Chinese legend divided by floral emblems

Reverse Description

At centre within floral wreath two Chinese characters; around above, MEMENTO; around below, BIRTH OF REPUBLIC OF CHINA; a star on either side of the word MEMENTO

Edge Description



Sun Yat-sen was the Provisional President of the Republic of China fro 29 Decembert 1911 until 10 March 1912. 1 Jan 1912 was set as the first day of the new Republic. This type was re-issued in 1927, the 1912 issue can be differentiated by the stars on the reverse.

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