Souvenir menu of Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd, employee Ian (Charlie) Yelland's, Retirement Dinner, hosted at the United Kingdom Hotel, Queens Parade Clifton Hill, Friday 7 April 1978.

The complimentary dinner was provided by Mr Yelland's Abbotsford 'Emulsion Department friends' in his 46th year with Kodak.

The menu served savouries, oysters naturale or seafood cocktail, whiting meunierre or spaghetti bolognaise, roast pork or roast chicken, cassata ice-cream or cheese and greens, percolated coffee, dinner mints.

The guests were: N. Beale, E. Beattie, M Blatchley, K. Busch, D. Carter, J. Carter, R. Corney, S. Costello, R. Edgell, D. Fuller, R. Gray, T. Howden, G. Hart, R. Kercher, M. Kilpatrick, N. Kilpatrick, N. Martin, J. Matthews, W. McCarthy, R. Menzies, H. Millington, J. Mitcham, R. Ozols, R. Park, L. Pastalneiks, N. Fisher, J. Pollard, J. Quinn, R. Rutherford, M. Tabiner, R. Thrum, R. Turney, T. Vas, W. Walker, E. Wilson, L. Wilson, E. Woods, J. Yelland

Part of a collection of research material and artefacts assembled by former Kodak Australasia employee Nigel Beale while he was writing Kodak's company history in the 1980s.

Physical Description

Single fold white card menu with black and orange printed text. Front page photograph of Ian Yelland. Top of inside page, black and orange printed illustration of a witch with a cat on her shoulder and a hat featuring a capital 'K', and below is the text 'Emulsion Department' with a skull and crossbones. Inside page lists menu. Back page lists guest names.


This item enhances our understanding of photographic manufacturing and retailing in Australia, and specifically traces the history of Kodak in Australia and its workforce, in particular showing how retirees were celebrated in the 1970s.

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