Scrapbook that was compiled by Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd. It contains approximately 100 archival items produced between 1961 - 1971.

The contents include promotional leaflets for Kodak products. The products and subjects include: Kodak Datapak Microfilm; Kodak Easamatic Readers; Kodak Image Control System; Recordak Filmcard Reader PFC-66; Recordak 310 Film Readers; Recordak KOM-90 Microfilmer; Recordak Magnaprint Reader; Recordak Micro-File camera; Recordak Microstrip System; Recordak Micro-Thin Jacket; Recordak Portable Microfilmer; Recordak Reliant 500 Microfilmer; Recordak Rotomatic Microfilmer. The slogans include: 'Why the Microfilmer is as important as the billing machine!'; 'Save money time space! Streamline office systems with the Recordak Portable Microfilmer!'; 'Recordak equipment is made by Kodak - the originator of modern microfilming'; 'Here's the microfilmer that will keep pace with your growth'; 'File 2% of space needed now!'; 'Of course you're insured...but could you stay in business if all your essential records were destroyed!'; 'Bills are a pleasure with Recordak Microfilming'; 'Harnessing the information explosion'; 'The wonderful age of microfilm'; 'Manager - or computer's puppet?'.

Advertising items relate to the following publications: Australian Accountant; Better Business; Bulletin; Financial Review; Hospital Administration; Journal of Pharmacy; Mode Buyers Guide; Modern Office; Sydney Morning Herald; The Age; The Australian; TIME.

Kodak manufactured and distributed a wide range of photographic products to Australasia, such as film, paper, chemicals, cameras and miscellaneous equipment. Its client base included amateur and professional photographers, as well as specialist medical and graphic art professionals who used photography, x-ray and other imaging techniques.

This scrapbook is part of the Kodak collection of products, promotional materials, photographs and working life artefacts collected from Kodak Australasia in 2005, when the Melbourne manufacturing plant at Coburg closed down.

Physical Description

Large hardcover rectangular scrapbook with 106 green paper pages, bound with white canvas, containing press advertisements. Clippings adhesive taped to pages. The promotional materials range in size from 230 mm x 160 mm to 315 mm x 505 mm.

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