Promotional booklet for the 'Atlantis', the Royal Mail Line Ocean Cruising Steamer which Joan Fogarty received during her voyage to Australia as a war bride from England in 1946. The booklet features a colour illustration of the ship on the cover and photographs of shipboard interiors and scenes from various ports.

Joan Howle was born in Birmingham England in 1920. She joined the Women's Land Army and during this time met Augustus (Gus) Michael Fogarty, an Australian Flight Lieutenant (Flt.Lt.) flying instructor in the air force. In 1944 the couple married and in 1946 Joan and their daughter Patricia travelled to meet Gus on the war bride ship the Arcadia carrying around 400 British war brides to Australian husbands. They went on to purchase a house in Regent and their son Keith was born in 1949. Gus continued teaching and Joan raised the family and managed the household. She returned to England for a time in the 1970s and then returned to Australia.

Physical Description

32 page paper booklet with two staples at the folded spine. Booklet feature an identical colour front and reverse cover with an illustration of an ocean liner at sea. Inside pages include photographs of shipboard interiors and scenes from various ports and a company description of the ship features.


This shipboard booklet and the related wedding album and coat provide a rare opportunity to represent the experience of a post World War II English war bride in the Migration collections.

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