Invoice for accommodation and other purchases at the Mount Buffalo Chalet for a two night stay from 19 - 22 March 2001. The donor decided to visit Mt Buffalo as she had stayed in the Buckland Valley not long before and really liked the area. The Chalet itself had been recommended by friends and she enjoyed the idea of a quirky guest house half way up a mountain. The donor's parents had also honeymooned at the Chalet in the 1950s, which added a personal interest to her choice of holiday destination.

During her stay at the Chalet the donor went on many walks and recalls the scenery being very beautiful. Meals were provided and all the lone guests ate together at a table in the dining room, the donor recalls her dining companions as a diverse and interesting group of people. The donor had been told there was a ghost that lived in the Chalet and was awoken one night by a blood-curdling yell; however it turned out to be some very drunk wedding guests in the opposite room.

Physical Description

Invoice printed on A4 Mount Buffalo Chalet letterhead. It contains the details of the donor's stay and an itemised list of costs as well as charges due.


This invoice represents the last few years of the Chalet's operation before its closure in 2007 due to declining visitation and the need for major repairs and refurbishment. This contrasts starkly with the Chalet's early history when it was the largest ski lodge in Victoria in the state's only year-round alpine resort.

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