Porcelain dish, manufactured by Royal Worcester in England, released to celebrate Tupperware's 40th Anniversary in Australia which occurred in April 2001. An image of the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne was chosen to represent the iconic brand, famous for selling its wares by direct marketing at Tupperware Parties.

Tupperware was created in 1948 by Earl Silas Tupper from Massachusetts. Tupper developed a new patented seal for his brand of brightly coloured, plastic containers which ensured food was kept fresh. The direct marketing approach adopted by his company was so successful that Tupperware spread from the US to other countries including the United Kingdom in 1960 and Australia in 1961.

Physical Description

Small, shallow porcelain dish. White, transfer printed with a black & white image of the Royal Exhibition Building on the inside of the bowl. Gold rim. Still in its original plastic bag wrapper and presentation royal blue, cardboard box.

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