Photograph identified as a medical ward in Abbassia, a suburb of Cairo, taken during World War I, in December 1916. During World I a hospital at Abbassia specialized in the treatment of venereal diseases - possibly the one depicted.

One of seven black and white photographs contained in a yellow envelope with two postcards and a hand-painted card featuring a poem and a desert/pyramid scene. The envelope was contained in a diary probably written by sister Alice Elizabeth Cocking, later Sister Williams.

Part of a memoir entitled 'Remembrances of War Service in the AANS - AIFC 1st World War by One of the Nursing Sisters'. The memoir records life of a nurse on transport ships, in hospitals and on leave. It is written in a school exercise book some time after the event - possibly even after World War II.

Description of Content

Group of medical staff and soldiers standing in a ward that is decorated for Christmas celebrations in Abbassia, Egypt. There is a line of hospital beds on the right side of the image, some of the beds have soldiers lying on them.

Physical Description

Black and white silver gelatin photograph.

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